Industry Partners

Collaboration between Education and Business/Industry is a vital goal of the Pinal County School Office. Pinal Teach 21 can serve as a hub to foster those collaborations by bridging the expertise of Industry Partners and authentic learning experiences being implemented in Pinal County classrooms.

The Pinal Teach 21 Authentic Learning Model outlined on the teacher page is a project based learning model that requires students to apply knowledge and skills learned not only before, but also during the real-world learning situation. In this model, teachers plan interdisciplinary authentic learning projects that require students to assume a role and present their culminating product to an authentic audience (review model on Techer page). Teachers usually need the expertise of Industry partners for planning projects and to evaluate student products.This page helps facilitate this process by providing a list of Industry Partners that can serve as experts and collaborators for these projects. There are also resources available for both industry partners and teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions - Industry Partners

Do I need to have my company/employer involved also, or can individuals sign up to become industry expert collaborators?
If your company has current community outreach initiatives, this may certainly align with those and it may be in everyones best interest to include your company/employer. With that said, this can also be done on an individual basis. If you can lend your expertise from previous industry knowledge, you may choose to do so individually.

Are there safety and background check policies, if I will be working directly with school children?
Each individual school district has their own visitor/volunteer policies. You must follow their visitor/volunteer policies after you are contacted to collaborate.

Are there financial obligations or resources that I need to provide, to be involved in this collaboration?
This collaboration would be for time and expertise only. You may help out as much or as little as your schedule permits. The sign up process will ask for you to clarify to what degree you are willing and able to help on these Authentic Learning Projects.

What are some of the benefits of lending my expertise in the classroom during Authentic Learning Projects?
Click here for insight from a current Pinal County Industry Collaborator