iPad Registration

The Pinal County ESA offers two iPad class sets that can be checked out by Pinal County teachers for the implementation of 21st Century learning projects. Please check details below.

A District iPad User Agreement must be on file with the ESA before you may use the iPads. The following districts have an Agreement on file: Casa Grande Elementary, Florence Unified, Ira H. Hayes High School, J.O. Combs Unified, Red Rock Elementary,Santa Cruz Valley Union High School, Stanfield Elementary.

If your school district is not on the list, please contact Joel Villegas at jvillegas@pinalesa.org to request a District iPad User Agreement for your district.

To view available dates, please view our iPad Calendar

 YOU MUST FIRST BE A REGISTERED USER ON PINALTEACH21 TO SUBMIT iPAD RESERVATION (Click on the "Register" button on the upper right hand corner of this page)

Please fill out this form to reserve an iPad set.

All requested apps must be free in order to upload on the i-Pad.

iPad Reservations Calendar

Check the  Pinal Teach 21 iPad Calendar for available dates.   

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